Intellitouch i9+3s Board J6 Connectors


Feb 17, 2019
Central Florida
Hello, hope everyone is ready for the Holidays!

Learning curve is steep with all these Pentair products. Getting ready to install my Intellitouch system soon and was wondering what the J6 Aux Inputs are used for on this board (see attached pic). Searched through Intellitouch's many guides and they only show a picture of these connectors as auxiliary sensor / switch inputs but no written information. I have figured out what all the other connections are for and how to use them. Does anyone know what the J6 connections are use for?

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Jul 7, 2014
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Let's ask Tom... Calling @ogdento

Generically they allow you to provide a yes or no input from an external device to the IntelliTouch... Something like.. It the pool cover open?

On the EasyTouch, you do not have this external input ability.. I have no idea what the input voltage should be, but I would assume it is low voltage signal.


Jim R.


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Mar 30, 2015
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Hey guys, I'm sorry to report that I've always been curious about those inputs but have never tried to use them... I've never found anything in the setup/configuration screens either. I wondered if the firmware just never supported them, or if the options are hidden until something is connected... but I also never bothered to see where the signals go on the mainboard. I'm all ears if you find something out!