Intellitouch clock quit


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Jul 17, 2007
North Texas
I've noticed that whenever the power is turned off to the intellitouch the clock would reset to 12:00am. Apparently, it's supposed to hold the time. Whenever this would happen I would reset the clock to the correct time and all was well. The PB told me the backup battery was bad and sent out someone to change it. Well, now the clock will not keep time. All it does is hold the time you enter. Consequently, the unit only recognizes and allows whatever mode is supposed to run during the time entered. The PB called Pentair and they are saying the unit has a bad board. Pool is 3 months old. Anyone out there with a similar experience? I can run the intelliflo, it's clock works. However, the wiring is such that the swg will not run if the intellitouch is not active. I'm wondering if there's some type of reset that will make the clock work.