IntellipH stuck in SUPERCHLOR mode?


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Feb 7, 2019

My pH has been running on the high side lately (~7.8) and I wanted to adjust my intellipH to put out a little more acid. I went to the IntellipH control box and it says "SUPERCHLOR", and none of the buttons are responsive. It for some reason seems to think my IC60 is in superchlorinate mode and I cannot make any adjustments to the intellipH.

Here's all the IntellipH manual says about "SUPERCHLOR":

"Superchlor Mode: This mode sets the IntelliChlor® SCG output to 100% for 24 hours of pump time. Note: “Superchlor” mode is equivalent to “Boost” mode in stand-alone operation for IntelliChlor® SCG. In “Superchlor” mode, the pool filter pump is not controlled by the IntellipH® Controller. "

My IC60 is not in superchlorinate mode and is only set at 30%. I put it in superchlorinate mode then turned it back off to see if that would reset the intellipH, but that didn't help. I was hesitant to unplug and plug back in the intellipH because of the warnings on the plug that say "WARNING! SWITCH OFF MAIN POWER BEFORE CONNECTING OR DISCONNECTING INTELLICHLOR CELL". I don't know how to switch off the "main power" and don't know of any negative implications of this.

Here's a link to the whole manual:

Thanks in advance for any help.