Intelliflo pump stopped working


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Mar 9, 2018
My Intelliflow 011013 appears to have no power and where is has been coming on as programmed the last 12 years, it now is not coming on. I checked the breakers and the pool panel and everything seems to be okay. The control panel on the pump does not show a power light any more. Everything else works fine - the waterfall pump, the valve rotation, chlorinator, heater etc but that pump suddenly no longer works. Any suggestions on how to diagnose? Thanks.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... a great place to find the answers to all your non-working pump issues... :shark:

I assume that you have an EasyTouch automation system and your pump is being controlled by a serial data cable that plugs into the pump's control panel.

When you look at the pump's display, does it say "Display Not Active" or something else??

If the Display is blank and there are no lights at all, then either the control panel is bad, or the pump is not getting 220 volts power..

The most logical problem is that the controller is dead, but circuit breakers can go bad... The first step is to test, right at the pump, the actual AC voltage that the pump is getting.

If the display is working, but does not say "Display Not Active", then that means the pump is not communicating with the EasyTouch... This could be the pump's control panel, the serial cable, or the EasyTouch's main board. Do you have anything else that uses the Comm port, such as SWCG, or remotes, or ScreenLogic?? If the other items are working that would eliminate the ET's Main Board as the problem..

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