Intelliflo 2 vst RS-485 cable

Mar 12, 2017
Phoenix AZ
Hello everybody, So I just had an intelliflo 2 vst installed yesterday. It works and runs great but my problem is, I have a Jandy aquapure EI salt chlorinator that is connected to an intermatic timer that would turn on my old Hayward pump and the Jandy at the desired times needed. Now that I have This new pump with a built in timer How do I get it to talk to the Jandy power box when the pump turns on now that the intermatic timer is pretty much out of the equation? I cant leave the Jandy powered on at all times with a no flow condition due to the gasses the cell creates possibly causing an explosion. I'm new to this RS-485 cable gizmo, can I connect that to the Jandy box and when the intelliflo turns on it will send power to the Jandy? I'm not really interested in going with the whole PDA stuff unless that's the absolute last resort. Any help or knowledge with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all your pool questions... :super:

Some of the newer Jandy units will "talk" with the IntelliFlo, but not all of them.

I suggest that you contact Jandy and ask them.

Your problem is exactly why we always recommend using the same brand of pump and automation.

Most people here, who have this exact issue, actually run their SWCG off an manual time clock so that it mirrors the pump's timing.

I do know for sure that some Jandy systems control the Intelliflo so a call to Jandy would be your best option.

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Jim R.
Mar 12, 2017
Phoenix AZ
I will call Jandy. This pump was upgraded by my solar panel install company. More of a free perk for choosing to do business with them. So I take it nobody here knows if I can connect the RS-485 cable to the Jandy control box. Thanks for your response.


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Jun 12, 2011
Easiest answer is to use a timer to turn the SWG on and off. I just kept my old timer that was running both the pump and SWG. Moved the pump from the switched to the unswithched side and kept the SWG on the switched side. Just be sure it's set for a time period that the pump is set to run.

If you have a solar system you can use the comm cable the operate the pump from a solar controller. I don't know what the solar company installed, but I have an inexpensive SolarTouch controller that ramps up my Pentair VS pump and turns on the valves to the panels when heat is called for. The kit included the solar valve, actuator, both heat sensors (water and panel) and the controller for $225.

Simple timer for my SWG and the solar system just takes care of itself. Took a little programming to set up times and pump speeds for each task but once set, it all works just fine.
Mar 12, 2017
Phoenix AZ
Thanks for your help everyone. I have a solar system for my house not the pool directly. Everything I've come across points toward the aqua link. The idea of having a separate timer for the salt system is good and all. But the problem is the intermatic timer has the potential of eventually gradually getting out of time. Having an extended no flow issue will cause some problems with the salt cell. Thanks again.����