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Aug 16, 2020
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Hi! I am new here, have had our pool about 6 years but just added the IntelliConnent. We have LED lights on relay 1, the booster pump for the cleaner on a relay 2, and I can see water temps. I have a SuperFlo VS Pump...I have the RS-485 cable, but they did not hook it up. I see 5 wires...which do I connect? They said it wouldn’t communicate until there was an update. Is that correct?

I also bought a Rheem heat pump. But they said it was best not to connect it and just set the temp and let it run.

One last thing...I have 2 of the in wall mounted Pentair LED lights. Only one works now. They think the bulb went out. It was fine before we hooked up the Intelliconnect. Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Jul 7, 2014
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The Pentair SuperFlo VS does not have an RS-485 port and is not comparable with any of the Pentair automation systems..

Kind of makes you wonder why they even sell it, doesn't it... :scratch:

I am not up on the IntelliConnect, but if it has a heater control circuit, it does not make sense to not have it connected... When most heaters are controlled by automation, they usually control the heater via the firemans switch in the heater.. You set the heater on and turned up to full hot.. Then the automation reads the water temp and if the pool water is colder than the set point in your automation, then the automation closes the firemans switch and the heater fires up.. When the water temp gets to the set point, the automation opens the firemans switch and the heater tuns off.. Repeat and rinse.


Jim R.


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May 3, 2019
I suspect you have the External Control Wiring Kit (Pentair P/N 353129Z) where you can use relays to control speed - not much use w/ an IntelliConnect.

I agree w/ Jim, why not hook up the heater? For the lights you should check the wiring is correct. When then Superflo needs replacing down the road, get an Intelliflo which will free up a relay that you can then use for your booster pump if you want.


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Aug 16, 2020
Clever, MO
Thanks guys. I will see if the pool company will hook up the heater. Makes sense to me! I already have the booster on Relay 2, so I will keep it that way. I will just have to use the built in scheduler on the SuperFlo for speed/time. I am not much of an electrician, but it looks like all the connections are good for the lights. They are only 6 years old...surely I do not need a replacement already? One other thing, the App shows outside air temp, but it hasn't changed. Is that an error or is there another sensor that needs hooked up? Thanks!