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Nov 24, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ
I recently installed 4 MasterTemp 400’s with IntelliConnect automation at 4 of our rental properties for heated pools this winter.
I like the idea of remote automation and was hoping for something easy to use to keep the pools heated when guests were there. A “set it and forget it” system to achieve and maintain temp. Definitely NOT what I got. Trying to keep these pools heated is more complicated than I could’ve imagined. Between egg timers, and schedules and such I’m just lost.
I can set the heaters “on” and set the heater egg timer for 4 days (length of stay) and watch the pools heat. At some point they shut off and the pools get cold. Then I’ve got to fire them up again.

Which takes precedence? Egg timer or schedule. Heater egg-timer or pump/filtration egg-timer? It’s frustrating. Anyone mastered the Intelli-Connect?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I have the EasyTouch and not the IntelliConnect, but generally Pentair's automation programming is about the same..

You should be able to set up a schedule that will run for specific days and hold the pools at a set temperature and never shut off..

What I would do is I would set a schedule for say Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thur. And set the egg-timer for the Pool Circuit at "Don't Stop"

Set the hours for 8 am to 8 am if you want things to run 24 hours a day, or for whatever time you want the heater on. You want Heat command on and change heat set point to "yes"..

I am not sure you have all those actions on the IntelliConnect app, but I suspect you have something very similar.

If that does not work, then come back and tell us exactly how you are programming the system.


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