intelliconnect control patio lighting


May 18, 2020
Zephyrhills, fl
New pool owner here and I'm trying to design my patio lighting. I'm looking at a company called sunsetlightingdesign. You can see their website here Sunset Lighting Design: Pool Cage Lighting | Screen Enclosure Lighting - Elegant Florida Pool Cage Lighting

I believe they said their lights run off 24vdc. Is there any way to tie this to my relay 2 on my intelliconnect and control the colors etc through the link2o app?

One other lighting question is there anyway to create a custom light scene in link2o? I'm not seeing how but the colors change kind of fast for me. I was hoping to have my pool/ landscape change colors slowly through the course of the night.


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May 14, 2020
Your patio lights (I am assuming) are LED lights. Regardless, most patio lights will have a transformer box outside that the low-voltage wiring comes into, goes thru the transformer, and then comes out the other end as normal 120V that plugs into an outdoor outlet.

Theoretically, you could cut off the plug of your transformer, and then splice your neutral to your neutral of one of your 120v lines at the pool wiring, and then hook the black wire up to the "load" terminal of the intelliconnect. That way when you switch the relay to the on position, your patio light transformer would power on and your patio lights would come on. The scheduling abilities on the link20 app are quite basic, just one on/off schedule. You would most likely not be able to vary colors if your patio lights are colored lights, unless they work in the same manner that the pentair ones do (where they have an internal circuit that counts how many times the light was turned on and then off and then on again to land at a particular color/show position). That is simple relay-based, and there's no real electronics behind it (which is why you have to wait for your selected color to show up as the relay cycles thru). I'm guessing the patio lights are not like this, and instead resemble the plethora of chinese-made LEDs on the market (like the LED light strips) which come with a remote with various color buttons and you immediately select the color...if that is the case, then you are for sure not able to select colors using the link2o app.

The Link2O app in my experience is nowhere near advanced enough to create custom light shows, as mentioned above, they barely get one on/off schedule available at the most.
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