Intellichlor wiring with/without Easytouch automation & components required


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Jun 19, 2014
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My IC40 (v1.06) has finally reached it's max life (flashing "Life" light, salt reading WAY low), so I know the IC40 cell needs to be replaced. However, I think I need to do more than just that.

When we replaced the original single speed pump a couple of years ago, the installer wired the new IntelliFlo 2 VST directly to power, instead of to the mechanical timer/switch that previously had turned the old pump on/off, so the new variable speed pump's own electronics could change speeds, turn it on/off, etc. without the power being interrupted by the mechanical timer.

So now, the only thing connected to that mechanical timer is the power unit for the Intellichlor, and the side effect of this is that the Intellichlor and the pump are no longer "connected" to assure that the IC40 won't be running when the pump isn't running. I'm told this is a safety issue.

I've also learned that if I add an Easytouch, both a new IC40 cell and the IntelliFlo 2 VST pump can be wired to and managed by the Easytouch, which will make sure the Intellichlor doesn't run when the pump is not running, as well as provide me with more info about my system than I could easily get without it. However, I've also learned that the Easytouch is not inexpensive and I'm just not sure I can afford to add it right now.

So, I need to know how to correctly wire my Intellichlor and my pump using the existing mechanical timer in the event I only buy a replacement IC40 cell, as well as how to do it if I get both a replacement cell and an Easytouch.

But, I also need to figure out which Easytouch models I really should be looking at to decide whether I CAN afford to do it all at once.

It looks like the 520543 might be optimal, as the catalog says it comes with the IC40 cell, the Intellichlor transformer, and 2 actuators. The 520593 is the same, but with no actuators. And the 520538 has no actuators and no transformer for the Intellichlor.

What I cannot tell from this is what to do about an Easytouch if if I buy just the IC40 cell now. Specifically, which Easytouch would I buy later?

It appears that the 5420593 and 520538 wouldn't have the transformer necessary to power to IC40. That's something I think I would want to have, as the separate power unit I have now is 12 years old and I should anticipate it will fail at some point. However, I cannot find in the Pentair catalog a part # for just that transformer to add to an Easytouch. I'd hate to buy a new IC40 cell now, then have to buy a second as part of a 520543 or 520593 bundle.

I would appreciate any help on trying to figure out how to "spec out" the various parts I'd need to buy for each option.


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Jun 15, 2017
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Just put the mechanical timer on the same schedule as the VS pump. In order for the vs pump to maintain their programming it needs to have constant power, so if you wired to your mechanical timer it would have to be the line side of timer so that it has constant power and won't loose the programming. My IntelliFlo vs loses programming when it doesn't have power.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Assuming you do not have a spa.. I recommend this unit...

It is a "single body" system.. if you had a spa you would need a "dual body" system, which of course costs more...

The system in the link above comes with an IC40 cell, and the EasyTouch has an internal SWG power supply. The only down side is the system only has 4 relays, but that is plenty for most people.

Later, if you want, you can add ScreenLogic2 which will allow you to control everything from your PC, Tablet, or phone.

You either have to buy an EasyTouch with an internal salt cell power supply or not... You can not upgrade later on..

If you don't have a spa or water features, then you don't need any actuators..


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