Intellichlor IC40 power cycling after flow switch replacement


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May 14, 2016
Yucca Valley, CA
My intellichlor IC 40 salt cell is powering up and then immediately turning off and starting over again. I'd just replaced the flow switch, when I first turned it on it was fine, went out to check two hours later and it was doing the power cycle thing.
Info about my system -
Salt cell was first installed in 2009, wired to come on when pump turns on. 2011 we installed the EZ-Touch panel, but left the Intellichlor as a stand-alone not tied to the controls.
Salt cells seem to last about 2-3 years. In the 10 years I've had the system, I've had 3 warranty replacements and purchased one replacement cell.
Last replacement cell was purchased in 2015, warranty replaced in 2017. I contacted Pentair when this cell had continuous flow and salt light. After some back and forth, decided it was the flow switch which I purchased a replacement on Amazon and installed it myself.

Thanks for any assistance you're able to provide.


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Mar 2, 2011
Is the control panel completely turning off or is the flow light coming on and causing the salinity lights to flash?