Intellichlor IC40 - No Status Lights On


New member
Jul 21, 2007
Lighthouse Point, FL
I think I'm having an issue with my chlorine generator. It's a Pentair Intellichlor IC40, and test strips (as well as the smell test) indicate that it's no longer generating chlorine.

The LEDs on the top of the unit show that the salt level is good (green), and that the requested output level is 100%. I get NO LED indications for any of the "status" lights (Power, Cell, Life or Flow); they just sit there being dark. The unit was installed new last year, and worked without issue at a request level of 5%-7% (I've got a small pool) up until recently. We do get power outages from T-storms during the summer, and the pool system has also been shut down recently due to other work being done on the house electrical system.

Any ideas? The manuals aren't very helpful about what the cause might be...