intellichlor ic40 blowing fuses


Dec 31, 2022
San diego
I have a pentair salt ionizer only couple years old.i clean it every 4 months.noticed it wasnt working.blown fuse,i replaced the fuse and it popped as soon as i turned on i umplugged the ionizer and installed a new blew as soon as i turned on system again.could this mean a bad power center?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX
hooefully that takes care of the problem.

It may or may not. Sometimes when the cell goes bad, it takes the surge card with it. :(

My pull it out of my rear guess is that replacing the surge card will fix it 80% of the time.

Also if you bought a bunch of Pentair equipment at the same time, they often come with a 3-year warranty. Worth checking out.

Good luck,

Jim R.
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