Intellichlor 40

Richard Gamble

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Aug 17, 2019
Augusta, GA.
Hi. I have a flashing green light on my Intellichlor 40 (IC-40). The light is in the status box on the cell itself. It's the light next to the word (cell) that's flashing. It doesn't fit any other symptoms that I researched. I don't want to replace the flow switch if there is no need. The cell has has an acid bath as of 16 August 19 and rinsed well. It's the only light that is flashing. Would you please provide some in sight as to what is going on.

Thanks Much


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Jul 7, 2014
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The "Cell" light flashing means one of two things.. the cell needs to be cleaned, or the cell is dead.

How old is the cell? If under warranty, I'd file a claim.. If out of warranty, since you just cleaned it, it most like is dead.. Sorry...

The flow switch has to do with the flow indicator and the salt sensor, but not the Cell light.

Edit.. What is the actual salt level in the pool.. Not what the cell thinks it is, but an external reading from a test kit like the K-1766???

If the actual level is on the low end, you can try adding some salt and see if the cell responds..


Jim R.