IntelliCenter Pump Speed Issues


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Aug 8, 2020
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Thank you for this!!! I have a very frustrating IntelliCenter issue:

When I setup the “Pool” and “Spa” in the pump menu I have to set the RPMs (2500 and 2700 in my case). For Scheduling purposes I also setup Feature Circuits to run the pump at 1500, 2500 and 3000 RPMs. My issue is the pump won’t run unless Pool or Spa is turned on but then this overrides the pump settings in the Active Schedules.

Any help VERY appreciated.
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Jul 7, 2014
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Keep in mind that the pump will run the fastest speed it is being told to run.. So if you are in the pool mode running at 2500, and you turn on your 1500 RPM, Feature Circuit, nothing will change.

If you are not the the pool or spa modes, a Feature Circuit should tell the pump to run?? Is your pump wired through the pump/filter relay?? It should have constant AC power..

Not sure what you are trying to do, but I can't think of any reason to run the pump if you are not in the pool mode or spa mode... :scratch:

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Jul 3, 2018
Jim is right. "highest speed always wins". Good rule of thumb is to always set your "Pool Mode" pump speed at the lowest useful RPM. That way, when any of your pump speeds that are assigned to Feature Circuits are called for either individually, through a macro (Circuit Group) or via a programed schedule, that higher pump speed will "win".

Also agree with Jim on why would you want to run a pump speed when not in POOL or SPA mode. Maybe you have a good reason but right off the top of my head, I can't think of one...