Intellicenter Programming Problems


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Apr 18, 2021
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I upgraded my pool automation from the Pentair Legacy Easytouch board to the Pentair Intellicenter board.
I'm able to get my Pentair VSP pump partically working. I can't get it to bump up to a faster speed for when I set a schedule for the cleaner. It is my understanding that you can overlap schedules on this pump for different speeds. The pump will just go to the faster speed. This is the was it worked on the Easytouch board.
My second pump is a Pentair single speed pump for the waterfall. The relay will engage, but the pump will not turn on.
I have a similar issue with my pool light. I can hear the relay engage, but the light will not turn on. It will just make 10 clicking sounds.
My landscape lights do come on when I select them to turn on.
My panel does not find any wifi networks. It just keeps searching. The panel does show that it is connected to the internet. Not sure how this works since the only way I can connect to the panel is through local not remote. Plus I did not enter my wifi password for this to connect.
Possibly a little more advanced is I have a valve on the Return connection that I need activated when the Pool cleaner speed ramps up.
From a couple of the pictures it shows the green and amber lights on for the antenna. One of the others shows D23 relay light on and the pump does turn on. D22 relay light on single speed pump two and the pump is not on. D21 relay for the pool light is on but the pool light does not turn on.


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If you hear the relay kick on, but nothing happens, that is not a programming issue... The programming just turns the relay on.. That particular problem should be a wiring issue.

As far as pump speeds.. Each Circuit can only have one speed.. On your pump speed page, if you have Pool set up as 1,000 RPM and then you assign Pool again as 2,000, when the Pool Circuit is on, the pump will always run at 2K..

You have to set up Feature Circuits and assign different speeds to them.. The pic below is from an EasyTouch, but you can see where my Pool is set to about 1200, then Skim Low at 1500 and Skim High at 2000. If Pool is running at 1200 and I turn on Skim low at the same time, the pump will speed up to 1500, if I turn off Skim Low the pump will decrease speed back to 1200.
The pump will run the fastest of all the speeds it receives.

Your screens are different, but the basic operation is the same.

MyAZPool should be along soon..


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Jul 3, 2018
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Agree with @Jimrahbe ref the pump speed issue.

It really would be helpful for us to try to resolve the connectivity issue first and foremost so you can login to your account.. That way you can post some screen captures of your Settings > System Configuration > Circuits page something like this.

And your Settings > Schedules page something like this...

Then we can more easily troubleshoot some of your other concerns. Especially since it is a whole lot easier to setup and configure everything from your web-client versus the touchscreen at the panel.
You will need to enter your WiFi password in order to connect to your WiFi but it should be finding your WiFi network.
It must have internet connected or you would not have been able to setup your intelliCenter account.
My guess right off the bat is that when you were trying, the IntelliCenter prod servers were down (which happens a LOT!)

Try this. Go to on your computer and try logging in there.
Let us know what happens please.
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