Intellicenter - How to set "low spa"? Intellicenter seems to only allow one speed for Spa mode.


Jul 16, 2020
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For those of you that are familiar with the Pentair Intellicenter shared models (e.g. i5PS), is there a way for me to tell the pool to go into Spa mode but not use whatever default speed setting is set for "Spa" mode? I've tried every which way to override the "Spa" circuit with an additional "Spa Low" feature circuit, but it only seems to care what "Spa" is set to if I add it to the group (but how else can I tell it to go into Spa mode?). I can do this for pool mode (i.e. have a low speed and high speed pool mode), I think its because the pool is the "default" body of water.

The end goal is to set a schedule for the Spa to kick in at low RPM, with just enough pressure to pump water through my roof solar system, in order to slowly heat the Spa during peak solar (daytime) hours. The kicker is that I don't want to change what the pump setting for regular "Spa" - it needs to stay basically full speed no matter what. It would be a very bad thing (tm) if someone ran the Spa at very low RPM and turned on the gas heater (which, has its own safety mechanisms, but still).


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Pentair does not allow more than one speed for each "Circuit"..

Set the Spa circuit to the lowest speed you ever want it to run.. Let's say 2000 RPM.. Then use a Feature circuit and add a speed of 2500 as Spa medium, and another one for 3000 and call it Spa High,

If you turn on Spa it will run at 2000.. If you leave Spa on and then turn on Spa medium, the pump will increase speed to 2500, etc.. the pump will always run the faster speeds..

You can call the Circuit whatever you want, as it is just a name..

You can see how I do this for my Pool speed, the add Skim Low and Skim High, and then Waterfall to increase the speed..


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Jul 3, 2018
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Jim points out one way you can do it. Here is another way. You can also embed both the Spa Circuit and a Feature Circuit (that is associated with a higher pump speed) - within a Circuit Group (Macro). This way, you only have to push one button instead of two. Also, you can then just "schedule" that Circuit Group and both actions will occur automatically. You can have a maximum of 16 Circuit Groups (macros). Although there are ways to increase that number, I won't get into that here.

I realize the Pentair documentation is confusing, misleading and simply poorly written. Especially on the topics of Pool/Spa body circuits, AUX Circuits, Feature Circuits (and their relationships to pump speeds and valve actuators) and Circuit Groups. If you may be looking for some alternative guidance on the topics, you might want to check out the following link. I can't guarantee that it will help you sort out these relationships entirely but I've been told that it has helped others.

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