Intellicenter Firmware update - 2.006 - Causing issues

Sep 11, 2016
Chandler, AZ
Hi all

I got a notification yesterday on my panel stating a firmware update was available - everything at this point was running great - I went ahead and did the firmware update to 2.006 (wish I hadn't) - after it downloaded and installed / rebooted... my pump will no longer respond to on off commands from the panel - it will however respond to the Circuit commands and features I have programmed - it also runs the schedule with no problem

if I turn on the pool - the pump does not start or respond - the intellicenter believes it is running - then I turn on the Cleaner Circuit - the pump kicks on and runs the cleaner - keep in mind this is during the scheduled filtering "pool on mode" highest pump speed will take priority - then it is running the cleaner - turn off the cleaner - the pump slows down to "pool mode" and continues to run

I can not turn the Pool or spa on or off manually without putting it in Service Mode unless I use a circuit or feature

I tried to export my setup to USB and that failed (wanted to do a system default to factory settings) - but I dont want to reload all my programs - my panel is the IPS5

anyone have any problems? my pump is an intelliflow VSF pump (only 1 pump for both Pool and Spa)

Any Idea How I can export my configuration ? not sure why the USB fails, I formatted a fresh USB, put it in, went to export, then named the file, it sees the usb and then quickly says failed - what am I doing wrong ?

any help is greatly appreciated


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Jan 16, 2020
Melbourne, FL
Just got back down to Florida, same thing, things were hosed up big time. Reverted back to prior version 1.064. Strange, you can still download 2.006 on their site. After reverting, still had to turn on DHCP. Also, the radio antenna had to be turned on also.