IntelliCenter??? and Pump for a small pool???


May 20, 2020
Hello! I think I have read over 100 hours of info on this forum, so thanks for all the help ahead of time ;).

I am currently getting bids for in-ground pool with either pebble or quartz finish. We want a smaller pool to leave room to play in the yard so looking at 12 x 24 or 13 x 26, with an integrated steps/sun shelf 6 foot giving approx 6800 to 8200 gallons. We do NOT want a spa. Our yard has a slope down towards the house and we want a lifted look. The pool will come off the house perpendicular instead of parallel that seems more common around here. The PB that we will most likely work with installs Pentair. He already mentioned MasterTemp Heater, Microbrite lights, Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter. However, his initial preference was chlorine with UV sterilizer. Don't worry, I already knew to kill the UV and I prefer SWCG.

So, my question is I know to go at least 2x for the SWCG. I am assuming I can use the IC20 or 40. I would like to integrate with the IntelliCenter but I only see the IntelliCenter Pool ONLY IC40 or 60. Can I use the IntelliCenter Pool and Spa IC40???? Is there any reason to avoid the Pool and Spa Intellicenter since we will not have a spa? I also can't seem to find the IntelliCenter with the IC20, maybe I need to search harder. Main question is if I need to avoid the Pool and Spa or not.

Next, I will have 2 bubblers on the shelf which is 6 foot by 9 foot currently. Do the bubblers need to go on their own pump? This part keeps tripping me up when reading other posts on water features with the same or different pump.

I included some mock-ups my husband did for fun!


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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
See the attached file for the IntelliCenter parts numbers.

P/N 521905 is the only bundle that has an I5 Pool only bundled with an IC40.

As you will see all Pentair IntelliCenter bundles come with IC40 cells. If you want an IC20 cell then you need to build your own system a la carte.

You can use a PS system in a Pool only without any problems.

All Pentair equipment seems to be in short supply right now and you will find availability limited.

Bubblers do not need a lot of flow and can be put on the main filter pump with a diverter valve and actuator to turn water on to them.


  • IntelliCenter Part Number List - Availability.pdf
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While I agree that for most people the IntelliCenter is a better system, with your set-up, an EasyTouch with ScreenLogic will work just fine..

You can get an EasyTouch package with an IC20..

Jim R.
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