Intellicenter and Low Voltage Lighting


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Jun 10, 2020
Austin, TX
My low voltage lighting crew connected up the low voltage lighting around my decking and said they wired it into my Intellicenter. I do see where they installed a beaker in the Intellicenter panel, but I don’t think they wired it into a relay based on what I’m seeing. That said, I’m a complete rookie when it comes to electrical so I’m looking for some help.
The bottom 2 breakers are the lights and the black, white, and green wires at the bottom left are coming from the transformer. The black wire goes to the breaker and both the white and green wires go to what I believe is the grounding block (shiny horizontal block in the picture.
Am I correct in thinking this needs to somehow be wired to one of the relays at the top of the picture in order for my Intellicenter to recognize it and control it?
I’m not sure which AUX is what yet since I haven’t started up yet (hoping for plaster this week).

Any thoughts/recommendations?


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Jul 7, 2014
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Like you, I do not see where they have tied your landscape lighting into your IntelliCenter relays.

A lot of landscape lights have there own controller, so maybe they just did not understand that you wanted the IntelliCenter to control the landscape lighting???

As a side note... I noticed that your installer is just lazy.. There is a diagram on the door showing the location of each relay.. The pump/filter relay should be in the upper left of the enclosure, but your installer put it in the Aux 7 location... Yes, it will work, but it will just confuse the next guy that needs to work on it. Kind of like printing a map and just naming the cities whatever you want... Sigh!!!


Jim R.


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Jun 10, 2020
Austin, TX
Thanks, Jim. I also thought that was pretty strange. I have a startup guy that’s going to help me setup the Intellicenter and get things going after plaster (which I’m hoping gets done early this week as long as the weather cooperates). I’ll probably ask him to help me make sure the laziness is fixed at the same time so it isn’t so confusing.
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