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I've decided to switch to the TFTest CYA test because, quite frankly, it's easier than the Pentair test with the slide rod in the tube.

Only trouble is, the TFTest kit doesn't come with instructions. Just the CYA view tube, the reagent, and the mixing bottle.

How long do you let the solution in the mixing bottle sit before viewing it? Do you let it sit at all? I'm sure those directions are in the TF-100 kit's laminated card, but I don't have that kit (yet).


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Jul 21, 2013
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From TF-100 Test Kit and Salt Water Test Kit Instructions and Tips

CYA test –CYA is an important additive to your pool. It stabilizes the Chlorine in your pool and prevents the Chlorine from being QUICKLY consumed by sunlight. Opinions vary, but a range of 30-80 seems to be right for most pools. This test is the most subjective and may take a time or two to “get” it. You will also use the most chemistry on this important test.

1. Fill the red-capped CYA mixing bottle to the bottom of the label with pool water. Now, fill the bottle to the top of the label with R-0013. Mix, then wait at least 30 seconds. Shake once more.

2. Next, get the clear tube marked “CYA VIEW TUBE” and, holding it at waist level, (so you can look down into the tube) slowly fill the view tube with the solution you have mixed. Keep filling until the black dot in the bottom of the tube is completely obscured. Bring the tube back to eye level and note fill level of the view tube. The gradation closest to the fill level indicates your CYA reading. Record it.
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