Installing some waterline tiles


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I've got a shotcrete pool shell that I'm just about ready to put some waterline tiles on. 1" x 1" tiles from NPT (National Pool Tile). Laticrete recommended their 254 Platinum thinset and Spectralock epoxy grout. Any thoughts on those two products or anything else I need to keep in mind when tiling?
I also need to build up my skimmer openings about a 1/2". Should I do this with Hydraulic cement rather than applying a thicker bed of thinset?

Here's a photo from when they shot the give you some reference.

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I put my scum line tile down with HD's Custom Products brand mid grade thinset. They have been on the wall about 6-7 years so far without a mishap. I used the same mid-priced Custom Products grout from HD. Same results...not one crack (yet)

I have never used epoxy thinset or grout and I would not do so given the ease of what I did and it's resultant success (again, so far :lol: )