Installing on a slope


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May 30, 2020
Saint Louis MO
Hey all,

First time pool owners, installing a 27' Saltwater Aurora. Need help on how to deal with slope and water drainage.

Our yard had pretty steep drop of 2 feet or so from the back corner to where the pool base is going to be. In fact the pool area is over what used to be a problem low spot in the yard.. After some reading on the forum I got concerned about our sand washing out as drainage has been a constant problem. All the water comes from the back corner and ends up where the ditch witch is parked before going across our patio. It's a lot of water.

I leveled for the pool and ended up with a lot more dirt than I thought. My original plan was to use the fill to level down the slope to the base of the pool. Would have been about 30" over 20 feet. Then I was going to put a French drain around the hill side of the pool to carry the water away.

I could still do that, although I would have to get rid of a tremendous amount of dirt.

Plan B is to leave the dirt and put in a retaining wall around the hill side of the pool. The yard would have a gentle slope of about 4-6" from the back corner to the retaining wall, the wall would be 26" high at the top.

What do you all think the best long term plan is both functionally and cosmetically? Slope down to the base with French drain or retaining wall?


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