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Mar 20, 2018
South Florida
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I am replacing 1HP Pentair Pinnacle single speed with Pureline Prime VSP 1.65 HP.

The new pump is two inches shorter than the Pinnacle. I would like input and advice to make the plumbing setup as efficient as possible with the least amount of fittings.

My plan:

Before the Pump

  1. Use a 2" coupler to connect new 2” schedule 40 or 80 PVC rated for pressure to the existing Jandy Valve that joins the main drain suction line to the inlet port of the pump. Currently there is a 1.5”pipe connected to the valve. The new 2” PVC pipe will then connect to the 2” union that came with the pump.

From the return port of the Pump to the Filter

  1. Connect 2” PVC from the union at the output port of the pump to the Clean and Clear 100 Filter. Plan to use three sweeps with 2” PVC pipe. It is currently connected with three 90 degree elbows with 1. 5” pipe to the 1.5” union at the filter.


1. What would you recommend using to elevate and stabilize the pump 2” that will stand up the extreme heat, weather and humidity?

2. What are the best primer and cement to use to join the PVC to the CPVC (Jandy Valve)?

3. Should I use schedule 80 piping instead of schedule 40?

4. Can I use 45 degree elbow sweeps instead of 90 degree sweeps and should I?

5. What would be the best set up/way to connect the pump to the filter?

6. Is it a good idea to install 2” piping from the pump to the filter? – It is currently 1.5”.

7. What are the best fasteners to use to secure the pump to the pad? Should I try to reuse the old screw location? I am asking because the old screws are rusted and stuck in the cement.

This is my first time doing PVC plumbing - any tips are appreciated.



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Aug 10, 2012
1. A concrete paver
2. Oatey red all purpose or oatey orange for cpvc and pvc
3. No, 40 is fine
4. Either is fine, your plumbing is simple and efficient enough. You pretty much can't mess it up.
6. Either is fine
7. Most folks don't bolt down their pumps, mine has been installed for 6 years without bolts.
8. Measure, testfit and recheck before glueing.


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Nov 13, 2017
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4. Be sure your "sweeps" are schedule 40. The sweeps you find at Lowes/Home Depot are likely not, and are used for drainage and not for high pressure applications.

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Let me correct that. Lowe's does carry sch 40 sweeps, but they also carry sweeps that look similar but are not sch 40. Just be sure you get the right ones.


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Mar 20, 2018
South Florida
Thanks pooldv - I am in Hurricane / Tornado country, so I think this is why they attach to the pads.

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Thanks Dirk - I'll make sure I get the pressure rated elbows.