Installing new pool


May 28, 2020
Hi all,

My first post ever on TFP and second in my life on a forum :p.

I am planning to put up the pool on Sunday but the water truck delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, is it ok if I install the liner and only fill it up two days after or I should only put the frame up and install the liner the day before the delivery?

The pool is almost always in direct contact of sun.

Thank you very much

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I don't think it matters too much either way as long as you don't have strong winds or something that could disturb the set-up work you've done. Your scenario is different than if the pool was filled previously with the liner pressed into place, then emptied completely which we never recommend because the liner position could try to change once water is removed. But in your case just setting it up, I think you'll be fine for a day or two.
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