Installing new liner!?


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Jun 3, 2014
covington ohio
Ok, Last year I posted here, we relocated a pool to our house. We have all the original buying info as we knew the original owner. The size is a 21x42x52" above ground. My hubby is a contractor and installed the decking, walls, sand etc (including using a laser for leveling). All of that went well, where we had the issue was installing the new liner. We ordered a J-hook liner from an online company. Good communication, good price, good shipping, seemed like good quality. Where our issue was, was that we could not get the wrinkles out. We used a vacuum when setting (although it is such a big pool, it took a long time to get the water in high enough to 'set it'). No one can give us a good reason of why the wrinkles would not come out, if we took it from one side, it got wrinkles on the other side. We ended up having to go with several wrinkles on the floor, and one wrinkle up one wall. Unfortunately, we had very bad timing with a severe rainstorm that ended up washing out some of our subfloor before we had time to backfill up against the walls, so we ended up with a 'crater' approximately 1'x2' at one end of the pool that was unfixable,so we left it for the summer so that we could enjoy the pool, and we did!! Now, this year, since the pool was given to us, we have decided to go ahead and buy another liner (assuming this is needed, especially because of the 'crater'?). What I am leary about is getting another liner from the same company, and it still not working?? Last year it was all new to us, so hoping this year with last year's installation under our belt, we may be able to get a better 'set' to it and not have the wrinkle problem. We dont mind spending the money on a new liner to make it right, but will be disappointed if we do it all and still can not get it wrinkle free. Thoughts??

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Oct 2, 2013
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If you have a good vacuum on it, there shouldnt be any wrinkles once the water goes in.
My suspicion, is that the liner was slightly oversized.

With vinyl liners, they should almost look to be slightly too small when you hang them and turn on the vacuum. They are made to stretch just a little when the water goes in.

Im afraid I dont know how to minimize the risk of having that happen again if buying a liner online.
I certainly would go with a different manufacturer though.

Sorry I cant be more help.