Installing Hayward Through Wall Skimmer


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I installed my skimmer this morning, and thought I'd write up how I did it. I tried it yesterday, but screwed it up royally. So after patching the holes, my son and I thought about it and came up with a new plan...

1. Decide where you want the skimmer, and make sure your hose is long enough to reach.

2. Place face plate of skimmer against outside of pool, Mark holes with sharpie. Make sure you align it so the most holes are along the top.

3. Pierce the marks with an icepick. Then go back and poke a Phillips head screwdriver through the ice pick holes to make them larger. This makes the holes the perfect size for the screws.

4. Get in the pool. It's easier that way.

5. Cut the gasket in half and place one side over the screw holes in the inside of the pool. Place the face plate over the gasket. Push screws into holes through face plate and gasket to outside of pool.

6. With someone standing on the outside, align the screws with the holes in the skimmer body. With the second person applying pressure, secure the screws into the body.

7. Cut liner out of space in faceplate.

8. If you have any leaks, check that the screws are as tight as possible. If needed apply silicone caulk around outside of skimmer body.

9. Let caulk cure 24 hours before using pump.

Et voila! You now have a sleek through wall skimmer! Don't forget to plug off the inlet port in the pool and connect the hose to the bottom of the skimmer.
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What happened is I put the face plate against the pool with the top along one side instead of along the top, then I poked the holes without marking them first. I used a patch kit to patch the holes, but for some reason a few are still leaking. So tomorrow I'm going to patch them again, with bigger pieces of vinyl. I think I cut the patches too small. It's just a small trickle leak, no big thang.


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Jul 10, 2012
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All good and learn!

Patching=two patches one slightly bigger than the hole, the other bigger than the first one. Seems to do the trick for me most times.



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Aug 6, 2019
Hi - I'm looking at installing a through wall skimmer on my Intex pool. Did you take any pictures as you were doing this project? Would be good to see :)


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Jul 16, 2010
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I didn't, sorry. But it's really just as you'd imagine it to be. I didn't cut the gasket. I did use the inside of the gasket to trace lines and mark holes rather than the faceplate. It had to have a slight sliver more liner cut out on a couple sides, but was very close overall. Better to cut too small than too big.

This would be my second skimmer install.

Would not be without it!
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No, sorry, I didn't take any pictures. I knew I'd screw it up at some point, and didn't want photographic evidence to exist of it!

Incidentally, this stuff

is GREAT for patching errant holes you accidentally made when you held the face plate rotated 90 degrees from true...
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