Installed Paver Coping but can't afford to finish with stone... help!


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Apr 9, 2021
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Two years ago I installed a semi-in ground Radiant Freeform pool with the paver/cantilever coping. As a result of unfortunate expenses (like needing to put in a costly drywell... underneath where my driveway used to be) and the town having me move a brand new cedar fence....3 times. Ugh! My budget was shot and now times have changed and I just can't see spending the money. I had "faux finished" the pool with landscaping to hide the exterior wall the past two summers (while waiting for a financial window to open in hopes of finishing) and was quite happy with it. At this point the prices I'm getting to finish the job with stone veneer and paver coping ($30k) I just can't make happen. Thankfully I kind of like my faux finished look, and I'd rather continue to improve the landscaping than go into debt over this. But how on earth do I resolve the "wrong" coping issue? What can I do about the fact that I have the paver coping installed and the pool has had water in it and been in use for two years? I'm afraid to mess with something that isn't broken, but my installer said changing it wasn't an option anyway. Does anyone know if there is something that can be put over this? some kind of cap, or is there any way to change the coping? Seems I can't be the first person to have run out of money (and if I am... I doubt I'll be the first and last!) Thanks for any advice on how to move forward with this conundrum.
Hi. I find myself in a similar situation. What did you decide? I am thinking of building a treated wood frame support and adhering the veneer to well as a support for the coping. I got a 5k quote for labor only for the retaining wall.. didn't include all the material needed. No Thank you. This is for asthetics..I don't need the big wall. Maybe something similar to the pic below.


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What about vertical concrete.
You have to find someone who knows how to do it but they pretty much use a mixture that can be carved into to look like stone. Probably cheaper than a veneer stone product but google vertical concrete. Then they stain it however you want.
Or not sure if this can be used near a pool but they have boards like this or vinyl siding that looks like stacked stone.

The vertical concrete approach could be a practical solution. You mention not wanting a Jersey barrier alongside your pool. Well, if you carve the concrete before it hardens you end up with beautiful stone look walls. My PB used a product/process called Stonemakers to form the walls below. The additives allow them to place concrete vertically without the time or expense of forms, then carve it. It is then stained for whatever look you'd like. You could also do some integral steps at the same time around the pool. The steps in my picture are done the same way as the walls.

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Jul 3, 2013
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Ok, this may be me being simple but I think you can do this..

Really all your doing is a retaining wall with a coping top.. I know they are trying to call it different names but that is what it is.. I am not sure how big your pool is but lets say it is 25 feet long and 20 feet wide for 90 linear feet..

That requires 369 big retaining wall blocks...

at $2 dollars a block that is $738 dollars..

For a little more

you need a bunch of glue for that..

3/4 clean gravel delivered by the ton is cheap, fill between the retaining wall and pool...

find and install normal coping between the pool wall and the retaining wall.. Most of the weight will be on the retaining wall and some will be on the pool wall... the closer you can build the retaining wall to the pool the more weight it will hold from the coping...

If it came down to it you could use normal retaining wall caps and be done. That adds $170 dollars to the project..

For less than $1,000 dollars you can have a all the materials and some manual labor and you are done :)

For a little more you can pour a concrete pad under where the retaining wall blacks will be put and go up from there... This would be the best way to do it..

Hope this helps :)
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