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Apr 27, 2018
Schaumburg, IL
We just cancelled our summer trip, and have decided to use those funds to replace our pool. The liner is on its last legs, and all of the caps are rusted horribly. I sourced replacement caps last year, but to do all of them with the trim would come to like $2900, and I'm just not willing to do that.

Currently we have a 16x28' Doughboy that is partially buried. At the deepest point, roughly 26" rises above our patio. So we'd be looking to do something similar, and probably from the pool factory. They have inventory going in/out of stock on a pretty regular basis, so presumably I'd be able to get what we'd want if I watch diligently enough. Right now I am looking at the Saltwater LX, Preference/Contempra, and Intrepid pools. We would likely go with a 15x30, as that's about the closest standard size to our current footprint.

So let's say I'm able to source one. Would it be better to install at the end of season (October-ish), or early spring (March/April)? We definitely don't want to give up any of the swim season if we can help it, and obviously we already have a pool, so there's no specific rush. What should we pay for such an installation? I'm assuming excavation wouldn't be massive, since much of the footprint is already dug, although I think it would need to be dug a little deeper, and obviously those extra 2' on the end.

Finally, if anyone has a recommended pool installer that works in the NW Chicago suburbs, that would be a huge help.


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Jul 21, 2013
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I would not put a new AGP pool up at the end of the season in October to sit over the winter. If you cannot get it installed in time to get some use out of it this year then plan to get an early start on installing it next spring.
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