Install Hayward sand filter S244T


Apr 11, 2015
canton michigan
Hi, Everyone going to open pool in late may my sand filter been leaking last few years finally going to install new one.
My question is should i have it installed before i open pool or have them (pool co.) install it around this time when there not so busy.
Pool company closes pool for me but i been opening pool for the last 3 years and planning on doing it this year also just didn't know
if i should open it first than have them install sand filter or have them come out now before i open pool. Thanks

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I would think it would be best to install the filter in conjunction with the opening. At closing, I suspect the old filter was probably drained, so it would seem (to me) counterproductive to fill the old filter just to drain it and replace it. With temps on the rise, the sooner you can do all of this and open the better to avoid an algae bloom. Hope that helps. Enjoy your swimming season. :swim:

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