Inspector Blues.....advice needed


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Jan 24, 2010
Northern Virginia
The construction on my pool has come to a grinding hault because of a problem with the county inspector. He came out to inspect the bonding prior to pouring the concrete for the deck and had some sort of problem with the soil build up. The pool location is on a hill and they had to dig down 3 feet on one end and build up the other.

Here's a link to a thread with photos of the pool in progress:


Here's the note I got from the pool company:

Mr. H, we are having a challenge with the county inspector on deck inspection. He is requiring that we have the built up area in the decking dug down to virgin soil and then filled back in 6” lifts with compactable material and certified by a engineer. The normal construction practice is to dig pier holes through the build up area, down to virgin soil. I understand speaking with Silvio and David that there is roughly 2’ of build up. This is not at all unusual. We have never heard of or been required to do this. We are speaking with Blackwell engineering in regards to the best course to follow. Obviously in order to do what the inspector is asking will involve removing the form work and gravel that has been laid around the pool in the build up area and backfill in the 6” lifts. This would involve a expense that none of us were prepared for. We are trying to get this resolved without having to go through this process.
We hope to have some answers here today and will relay them to you as soon as we get it work out.


Any thoughts, opinions, ideas, hints, etc?

I fear there's a huge expense and big delay coming my way.



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Jan 24, 2010
Northern Virginia
Thanks, but who's "fault" do you think this is? Is it my problem completely or is it the pool company's? And when I say "problem" I'm talking about billing. Am I on the hook for the entire cost or can I make the arguement that it was a faulty desgin and therefore the company should eat the cost?

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Jun 22, 2009
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If it's common practice to dig as the PB says it's not really their fault. If they can prove it's common practice then you may have a case to present the inspector with.


May 20, 2010
Your pool and wall looks beautiful. As for the probable answer---read your contract. The answer is probably there in the small print. Most pool contracts have language regarding changes and additional work caused by the local governing body. You should ponder the terms of the contract and consider the local custom, knowledge and practice of the area pool builders.

As a practical matter even if the pool builder is responsible it would be wise to try and work with him as they still have a ways to go to finish the pool.
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