Input on advice from Jacks rep?


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Jun 20, 2016
I talked to a Jacks Magic rep the other day about a staining issue one of my customers was having and he told me something I never thought of, and wonder if there is truth to it.

I told him I was having the customer first check to see if the stain was organic by using a trichlor puck and he pretty much shut me down and said that isn't the correct way to test because the acidity of a trichlor puck can actually wear away some metal stains too.

He said the best way to test for organic stains is to put some cal-hypo in a sock instead and put that on the stain for a couple minutes. The cal-hypo, having a high pH, is a more trustworthy indicator according to him. What do you guys think?


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Yup. Trichlor is acidic and will lighten some metal stains. If you only have trichlor, then you should do two tests - one trichlor and then one vitamin c. If both lighten the stain then it's likely a metal. If trichlor lightens the stain and vit c does not, then it's likely organic. If neither lightens the stain then it's probably a darkened calcium scale from dirt incorporated into calcium scale.

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