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Aug 2, 2020
Montreal Canada
So Finally Got my TF100 kit and PH meter, and below are my first readings and second readings after adding MA and Stabilizer. Looking for opinions/recommendations on the values and if to aim for the Ideal values of pool math or deviate within the recommended range especially with the season at its very near end., you will also notice that FC is high, although the SWG is at only 30% would the 30 added to the CYA cause it to go that high? is it worth bringing up the CH? this means a trip to the store although I do have to go for more stabilizer

2 days ago:
FC 7.0
CC 0
PH 8.0
TA 120
CH 200
CYA 10
Temp 82

yesterday added 836 G of stabilizer, 1 L MA 31.45% and aerated

FC 13
CC 0
PH 8.2
TA 90
CH 200
CYA 40
Temp 75 (turned off heat pump yesterday)

afterwards added 500 ml of MA and 205g of stabilizer with objective to get TA to 70 and CYA to 75


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Jun 15, 2019
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I think you’re in a similar situation as I am. Your numbers look good and about where I plan to be at closing on 22 Sept. I plan on pH in low 7s (7.2-7.4), and FC probably where you are knowing the guys closing will be adding powdered shock (yes, I know, esp with my high CYA, but I’ll manage). I can’t comment on what you need for CH for fiberglass, but I’m not concerned about mine with vinyl.

Not sure you should bother with CYA anymore, but with a SWG maybe it’s good to close a little higher. I’ll let the experts give better advice there, just wanted to chime in as a fellow northerner!


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Jan 17, 2012
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As the water cools everything slows down. I would expect the FC to last much longer than you are normally used to. I would not raise the CYA at this point. CYA lowers via degradation at a slow rate, so you won't need much if you're closing your pool anyway and you can bump it come spring.

I would focus on pH primarily at this point. When do you plan to close?

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Aug 2, 2020
Montreal Canada
tonight PH is down to 7.5 but this gives me a CSI of -0.34 which is below the recommended values, -.42, as I asked in the first post should the CH be brought up? or just aerate more to raise the PH? to get a better CSI? being somewhat of a perfectionist, trying to find what ideal values across the board I should aim for as a staring point, and from there, willing to play with it to find the happy values for my pool.

thanks for your support
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