Inground vs above ground cleaners


May 19, 2017
I have a 27’ x 54” pool that we installed 2.5 ‘ inground. I’ve seen the pool cleaners listed as in-ground and above ground, which would I choose since my pool is somewhat both?


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Macuick. For all intents and purposes, you have an above ground pool. You chose to bury it some, but that does not change the style of pool. Even if you completely buried it, it would be an above ground pool that was buried.

Lucky for you too because once you go 'in ground' the prices get more expensive. They won't make a $3k robotic cleaner for a $1k pop up intex pool, but they will for a $100k plaster pool. Your rounded walls create a challenge for some robots. The one discussed in this thread is not only half the price of a traditional robot but it also gets the rounded walls good.


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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
Not sure if you’re referring to robots, pressure side or suction side cleaners as there are some with special needs.

I’ve been trying to decide between robots: the e-10/s50 ( above ground) & the pentair warrior se (inground) - (both maytronics dolphins) for my partially buried above ground pool as well- especially since I really like the idea of 2 brushes & longer cord on the se But i am afraid of wall/liner damage if i get the warrior.
Just because it can climb - i’m not sure that it should or would be a good idea.
I currently have an intex pressure side cleaner while affordable, doesn’t have actual brushes & is showing its age.

Looking forward to hearing from someone who has experience with one as most i have seen are people with small inground pools that get the e-10/s50 not the other way around


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Sep 14, 2020
I was very happy when my robotic cleaner arrives. As newbie to this device, i virtually took sometime reading the manual guide to know how to use it effectively.

My experience was not the way i thought it should be as they've be song that they can clean a pool properly. Well, i don't know of the model i purchase was the major drawback or there are advance model that can do more. Anyway i have spent much but in the end got minimum result.

I guess manual model should be my next consideration.