inground skimmer replacement


Sep 26, 2016
keyport, new jersey
hi, pool is 20x40 inground vinyl liner with polymer walls with a hayward sp10841 series skimmer and my skimmer needs to be replaced after being broken by jack hammer during demolition of the deck, my question is, can this be replaced with the existing vinyl liner with the existing liner hole cutout , can you just drop the water a couple of feet and pull liner down enough to get a screw driver in to screw in the new skimmer? my big question is will all the screw holes and the throat cutout in the liner from face plate be able to get lined up perfectly again for the new face plate, is this a normal repair. thanks in advance.


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
If you order the same skimmer and are really careful its possible to get into the same holes on the liner. What's usually done on repairs of stairs amd skimmers is a strip glued to the existing liner for support and to avoid missing a hole. If the liner is old that's usually an issue but you may have a scrap on hand from original cut outs
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