Inground pool paint


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Aug 29, 2010

I want to keep this question as general as possible so that I don't sway the answer with my obscure position.

If I have a poured cement pool that doesn't have plaster and has only ever been painted with rubber paint...

Can I repair any hairline cracks with hydrolic cement and fill her back up with water to pass the winter? A few inches under the returns.
I have some bare spots at the moment that don't have any paint on them.

Will the bare cement hold water? Or, will water penetrate the bare cement and crack it.

It's getting a bit too cold to paint. BTW, I live in Quebec, Canada.
The snow will be here in the next few weeks and the extreme cold starts in January until march.



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Sep 9, 2010
I think you should keep this to your other topic, it's kinda confusing, but yes, you don't need to use paint for it to hold water.

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