Inground Pool Liner/White lines, fading


Jun 1, 2014
Red Hill
Hi all! We have an inground pool, the liner is 7 years old this year. We noticed some white criss-cross lines as well as some fading where the floor meets the wall. Overall, the liner seems to be in good shape. We don't see any wrinkles, nothing that we can see is pulling, above the water line is a little faded but overall OK.

Are these signs of the liner wearing out? We are thinking of re-doing the deck, and were told that we will need to replace the liner when we do so. I am trying to guestimate how much longer our current liner might reasonably last to get an idea of when we would want to start the concrete deck renovation.

This is a bromine pool (we bought the house with it), Bromine is pretty consistently around 4 PPM (in range per our testing materials). We do struggle to keep the PH up- it likes to drift down to 7.2 and it was sitting at 6.8 when we opened the pool.

The lines seem to be cosmetic- they are smooth when you stand on them. Any idea of what might cause it? It is a sign of impending liner doom? TIA for any help you can give!


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