Inground pool contractor in Northeast Ohio


Sep 6, 2019
Northeast Ohio
Hello all,

We are looking for pool contractors near the Solon, Aurora Ohio and surrounding area. Pretty much between Cleveland and Akron Ohio. If anyone has any recommendations it would be appreciated.


Jul 1, 2016
Cleveland, Ohio
Western Lake County area here - Several years ago I started refurbishing my in-ground pool and can say I must have met at least 25 pool contractors from all around NE Ohio. I eventually settled on one, worked w/ him for a while until I got fed up w/ him, then worked w/ another one for a little while, before I just started figuring everything I needed to do out for myself. During this process I of course learned a lot and realized it really wasn't all that hard to do. Looking back on it all now, I have a totally different perspective on these contractors and am I glad I didn't work w/ anymore of them. Whether you're looking to build new, repair old, or just update, I would recommend being very thorough in your search. There are a lot of them who are flat out shady, don't manage their business well, and leave their customers w/ big problems they cannot or will not fix. I would also recommend reading everything you can about what you're in the market for. This website is an excellent source for help w/ just about any pool question or issue you have. Finally, I will tell you this the good ones in this area, they're booked out at least 2 years and they cost. You'll find them easily because they will tell you this before they even come out. Let me know if you have any other questions.