Inground Pool Construction Plans - Example?


Jun 29, 2010
Hi all,
We are looking to install an inground pool from a DIY kit later this year. I went to my town's website, and for the permit they require both a land plot showing the pool location (which I have), and what they call "construction plans". Does anyone that has built recently have an example of the construction plans they could share, either here or via private message? I assume some of the things that are typically shown include the pool elevation/depth, location of electrical, location of plumbing, etc. I have a few different CAD drawing programs and am capable of drawing this myself, but would love to see a few examples so I can be sure I'm not leaving anything out.


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Jul 27, 2016
Middletown, NY
They probably want the "sealed plans" which are a set of plans for the pool signed off by a licensed structural engineer. The people selling you the kit should be able to provide this.
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