Inground Liner corner fit tight


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May 24, 2016
Hello all,

Im doing a GLI liner for my 14' x 28' pool. I have the liner in place and have readjusted it a few times.
I'm having issues in my corners. The liner bead in each corner is a real tight fit and not very secure. Simply touching the bead causes the liner to pop out. When I received my liner the manufacturer included
a diagram of my measurements. My pool has a 6" corner radius and this was noted at the top of the
diagram. But on the diagram itself they have corner radius as being 4". When I contacted the company that sold the liner they then contacted the manufacturer who told them that it was manufactured with only
A 4" radius to allow for stretching. Does this sound about right or are they lying to cover someone's mistake? I've included photos of my corners and the diagram they sent me. Any replies are greatly appreciated .

IMG_2627.jpg IMG_2628.jpg IMG_2629.jpg


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May 12, 2014
Central PA
Are you installing this yourself ?
Looks like there is no water in it yet you have any vacs hooked up to pull the liner into place ?
You really should, or at least get some water in it for some down-force on the bead to hold it in place .
Also , whats the temp? Need some nice warm weather to stretch that liner properly.

Might be too premature to determine if its not going to fit properly or not , untill the proper techniques for install are followed ? (Maybe you are though ???)


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Nov 8, 2011
The liner was built exactly as it should have been. That is the biggest problem we see with 6" corners and cool temps, they have a tendency to come unhooked. Take about 2 pennies stacked on top of each other and push in on top of the bead to hold it in the receiver.