Inground builder warranty, what to expect


May 16, 2016
New orleans, Louisiana
We are close to signing on with a reputable, established builder but just saw his warranty and not impressed. Other than structural shell of pool, his work is only wattantied for a year and labor is included only for 60 days from completion of plaster. I would expect at least a year on everything, and a number of additional years on plumbing, installation problems, etc..

What is considered minimum acceptable?

We have spoken to references, like the guy, he's been in business for 15 or so years.



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Jan 18, 2015
Austin, TX
Mine is pretty simple...

3 years for equipment, plumbing, accessories, coping, tile, decking, walls, etc... as long as it was contracted through my pool builder. (I didn't contract anything outside of my pool builder's contract so they are responsible for everything including my lawn since they included my sprinkler system and landscaping)
Lifetime on gunite shell. This specifically states that they guarantee it for structure and that means hold water. If the shell starts to leak then they will repair it. This is only for the original owner of the pool.
15 years on the pebble sheen from delamination but it doesn't cover discoloration.

My PB was a pain in the butt and I don't think they would have stayed in business if they didn't have a huge successful commercial business with a 20 million dollar bond. I feel pretty safe with the warranty at this point. I don't know who will handle the warranty if the residential side goes out of business but since the residential side is a DBA of the larger commercial business I can always go after them.


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Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
First, the warranty is only as good as the person or entity giving it.

Second, there is no national standard. The vast majority of pool builders are small independent companies. There are no national companies. What you get is determined by the quality and the reputation of the pool builder. The higher end expensive companies especially the vertically integrated companies will give you longer warranties and more inclusive warranties.

I would expect at least a year on everything. And depending on your states laws longer warranties on things like a gunite shell.


May 16, 2016
New orleans, Louisiana
Thanks Everyone - it turns out he didn't even know what was in the warranty fine print - I had looked up other peoples permits/contracts and saw that his language, with few changes, is used by other local PB's, I guess they all rip each other off when one goes out and starts a new biz. Anyway he said it was a year on everything, but we got him to extend to 3 years on equip, 5 years on underground plumbing. Lifestime shell warranty is state mandated I think.
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