Infinity pool - what is the best way to run the edge pump?


Jun 16, 2019
Vancouver, BC
I have an infinity pool and two pumps - main and the edge. When I moved into this house the existing tiles on the negative edge wall were missing all the grout. Not sure if this was a bad grouting or pool water balance or both.. Now I have new glass tiles, waterproofing and epoxy grout. I read somewhere that in order to prevent the negative edge wall from cycles of heating and cooling it is best to run the edge pump 24x7. So the tiles will always be 'under' water and no heat/cold cycles. Is this the best option? I did get two variable speed pumps and can run the edge pump at 1350 rpm and this is enough to have constant water flow that would cover the wall. Or this does not matter? And I should be running the edge pump only when people are using the pool plus few hours a day to circulate the water? thanks


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