Infinity edge... tile, epoxy, and other thoughts


May 16, 2015
Templeton CA
I have a 15x60 infinity edge pool with a pool cover for about 7 years now. I live in central coastal california where the winters go into 30s. On the other side of the infinity edge where the water falls over [the trough side] is tiled with small glass tile. We have a problem with many many small tiles coming off of the back where the water comes off of the back of the infinity edge every year and seems to get worse. Because the tiles are small, there is less grout on each tile, and more irregular surface which also causes more scale build up [we have very hard water]. My question is this, I would like to get rid of the tile on the back. I know we could do a large format tile, but is it possible to do some kind of epoxy plaster or some other option other than tile that can be used off of the back of the infinity edge that can be exposed?


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Jul 7, 2014
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Let's see if one of these guys knows...

Calling @bdavis466 and @jimmythegreek

I personally am not a fan of the small glass tiles, as it takes the right guy to install them. I would think if you went with larger ceramic tiles, they would not come off and would still look good.


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