Infinity edge pump won’t prime


May 20, 2018
Austin, Texas
I feel really dumb asking this, but have spent the morning trying to re-prime my infinity edge pump. Last night, one of the flexible hoses on my cleaner booster pump came loose. No idea why or what really happened but that was fixed quickly.

We also noticed that the edge pump was not on this morning. The breaker had tripped. Before I reset it, though, I cleaned out the pump basket. It was full of water. I hadn’t had coffee and probably didn’t close off the valve before doing so. So now the pump won’t prime. Pic attached. It’s a Pentair Whisperflow High Performance 2 speed pump. 3 months old

I have filled up the basket and pipes multiple times. The edge pump is plumbed by itself—no skimmers. Motor runs, impeller does not appear to be clogged, and water is just sucked out and eventually stops returning. I’ve lubed the oring, made sure the catch basin is full and check valve on the return line works. Can anyone please help?


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May 3, 2007
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The valve on the suction side is off so it is blocking the flow.

What is the height of the pump relative to the water level?


May 20, 2018
Austin, Texas
Thanks, mas985. I realized that when I went back out to try again. I'd been toggling it on and off in my many attempts... :confused:

After posting and taking a lunch break, I finally succeeded in getting it to prime!

I had it on high speed and cracked the valve on to control suction/flow and also held down the float valve in the catch basin that I suppose controls overflow. Don't know if just babying the prime process or that helped. It was just tricky as it's a pretty good drop off from the pump to water level, I'd estimate like 5-7 feet.
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