Infinity Edge Pool, how big of an overflow pump do I need?


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Jul 24, 2010
I have an infinity edge pool with 76' of vanishing edge and I do not think the current over flow pump (180gpm) is able to keep up with the overflow. There are sections of the vanishing edge where the water does not come over. We have re-tiled some areas and they are fixed but then another area has the same problem where the water does not come over. I'm thinking that if I had a larger pump, more water would go over. Any thoughts?


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May 7, 2007
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The edge that water overflows over needs to be perfectly level (or really really close to level). Your edge can't be perfectly level, or it wouldn't do what you said. Increasing the flow rate can compensate for an out of level edge up to a point, but even that won't work if it is too far out of level. The current quality job standard is something like level to within 1/32" across the entire width. If it is out 1/8" you can fix it by raising the flow rate, but much beyond that and it gets difficult/impractical to compensate by increasing the flow rate.
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