inexpensive cover to keep leaves out of the pool


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Sep 11, 2017
Franklin, TN
My pool is surrounded by trees that drop leaves and seeds into my pool constantly. I'm looking for an inexpensive cover to put over the pool when I go on vacation and during the fall and early spring when the leaves/seeds are dropping constantly and its too cold to swim. I've got a mesh loop-loc cover but it is extremely difficult to get it on and off so I'm looking for a cover that two people could easily take on and off and wouldn't require me to mess with the anchors that are on my deck, since they are difficult to remove. I was at Walmart the other day, and they had a tarp on sale for $50 that is 20'x40' which should be large enough to cover my 15'x35' pool. It has grommets on each corner so I could tie it to my iron patio chairs. My local pool store also sells leaf net covers that you can put over your pool but they cost more, seem flimsy, and have holes in it that will let in seeds and small debris, which isn't ideal. Has anyone on this forum tried using a regular tarp or one of those leaf net covers to keep leaves out of the pool and had any success with them? I'm going on vacation in a few weeks and would like to find a cover for my pool so I don't experience any stains from the leaves that will fall into the pool while I'm gone.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Keep in mind a strong wind can catch the tarp and pull whatever it is tied to into the pool if a good storm comes through while you are away. People have tried using concrete blocks to weigh down a tarp and come home to find it at the bottom of the pool. You may want to try a solar cover. It floats on the surface of the pool and is a solid piece of plastic that kind of looks like bubble wrap. You can cut it to fit the dimensions of the pool and cut it into smaller sections so it is easier to handle. Then you would lift it out with a partner and shake off the debris away from the pool. It also has the added benefit of warming your water a couple of degrees.

The leaf covers you've seen are meant to go over the top of a winter cover.


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May 16, 2010
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If it's just leaves you're worried about, then a 20'x40' leaf net would hold the leaves, let any water drain through, and be manageable when its time to pull it off and dispose of the leaves.
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