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May 29, 2007
Alberta, Canada
I have an indoor hot tub and have been using mini pucks in a small feeder and lithium shock. The thing that just dawned on me the other day was I probably have no need to use stabalized chlorine in an indoor setting. Is that right?
I'm constantly adjusting the Ph and Alk down but I'm assuming that is because of all the aeration going on.
We installed an new pump and controller so it now runs a lot more than our old one did and I have not figured out how to turn it down and still keep it circulating enough. Right now it circulates every 2 hours for 15 minutes.
My question I guess is what range should I be trying to keep my chemicals at? It seems this year that I cannot keep anything stable, which is frustrating the heck out of me, so I'd love to hear any and all suggestions.
FC 2.3
TC 3.3
Alk 85
PH 8.4
CYA 30
CH 148
Temp 104 F
2000 ltr tub



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Apr 1, 2007
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Hi, Deena,

Very good-looking hot tub. It looks to me like you need to shock....(FC-2.3 TC3.3 so that means CC's 1.0) I'm not a spa person but I agree with certainly don't need the pucks. However, Richard has done some work on the advantage in carrying some CYA in an indoor pool.

It would be better if I bow out and let Richard or Evan or Jason come along and comment on your situation.....not that there aren't other hot tub gurus on the forum but those three post the most often.


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May 29, 2007
Alberta, Canada
Trust me it looks alot better full and clean. I was trying to upload that picture but clicked on the old pic I took when we were first looking at this place.
I plan on shocking tonight, we use it every night so I'll do it when we are done. I had been trying to just use up the pucks we had and the lithium but just did not even think about the mini pucks being stabalized.
I look forward to hearing for the others.
Thanks for your input.


are the pucks 1" chlorine or are they bromine, which can also come in a 1" puck? Either can be shocked with lithium hypochlorite. Bromine is more common than chlorine in an indoor tub.