Independent Pool heater pump run times


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Oct 4, 2021
I have just had a pool installed and have a question regarding the operation of the heater pump.
The heater unit has a separate pump and pipework installed, and appears the small pump is setup to run 24/7 and the heater unit comes on when required.
How do you normally run a setup like this? Running the 1hp 3 amp pump 24/7 will use more electricity than the heater unit itself. The heater is an inverter type.
Should I install a timer and turn off the pump at night? Therefore only letting the heating occur during daylight hours? Or is 24/7 recommended. Running cost of the pump being the main concern.



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Jul 3, 2013
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Unless it is a VS pump I would not run a 1hp pump 24/7.. I did not run my 2 speed 1hp pump 24/7 on low.. The pump should only run when the heater runs, really you would like the pump to start and prime for a couple minutes then the heater can start, but you could start both at the same time and the heater will kick on when the flow meter kicks in.. :)
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