Incredibly frustrated, and could use some help


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Jun 14, 2017
Arlington, TX
My family lives in Arlington, Texas, and we currently have an Intex 24x12, which has been fairly enjoyable, although keeping it clean with stock pump/filter has been challenging. That being said, my wife and I decided we want to upgrade to a larger above ground pool, and were looking at Doughboys. As I researched, I was looking at saltwater generators, and discovered that apparently DB doesn't support that, sending my efforts at looking for a replacement back to zero.

My set of criteria are as follows:

30-35x16 Oval
Saltwater capable - I've read that aluminium panels are preferred
Bottom drain, I'm finding that keeping the bottom of the Intex is a nightmare.
Thru wall skimmers

Thanks for any guidance/advice


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
Welcome to TFP!

You'll probably find that caring for a larger pool with the larger pump and filter is much easier than the smaller pool. You'll be able to use a real vacuum or cleaner.

I'd steer clear of a bottom drain. Very little benefit on a shallow pool and can introduce problems.

Whether Doughboy supports an SWCG or not is no matter to you. You can modify your plumbing after installation to make the system the way you want it. No complicated at all.

Good luck in your search1
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