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Jun 4, 2020
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I have a hayward in line chlorinator that was maintained by previous owners. I never used it myself so I want to know how to set it up for a 7 day vacation. From what I read, for my size pool I need 4 pucks and I should set the chlorinator to 5. Is that correct or should I use 3 pucks since its 1 per 5k gallon? What does the 5 setting do?
Secondly, I want to use 2+ year old pucks left from previous owner. Are those as effective as new ones? I read here that they are but it still makes me nervous.

Also, how do I know the chlorinator is working? Should I set it up a day before I leave just to make sure chlorine is coming out? I had to reconnect the chlorinator this year as it was my first year opening the pool myself and want to make sure I did it right.

My CYA, rounding up is at 30. I read each 3" (8 oz?) puck adds 7 ppm per 10k gallons. Is that right? so for 4 pucks, I'll add about 7 ppm to my pool. That seems good to me. Will it last 8 days? It seems that is based on chlorine usage? I read 5.5 ppm per tablet. I am still in the process of dialing in my chlorine usage, but I think I lose about 2 ppm per day on sunny days. So I need like 16 ppm, so 3 tabs will do it.

Finally I am going to leave my water feature on to keep aerating the water as I've read the pucks lower PH and I am at about 7.5 now. Does all of this sound good?

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Jun 22, 2014
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While the Hayward Manual might list expectations for each setting, actually seeing it work that way is another thing. If the pucks were kept dry in their original container, they should be okay. I think what you said would be best - to let it start working before you leave and measure FC changes. Some aeration is fine.

You can also increase the FC to SLAM level (12) just before you leave which should give you 2-3 days of FC insurance.
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