In Ground Pool Vacuum wall fitting contraption - what is this thing?


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Sep 12, 2011
Phoenix, AZ
Howdy - I'm on my 4th house with a pool in the Phoenix area, and man have I seen some things.
But nothing quite like this.
It's connected to the wall connector for the suction side vacuum, leads into a sort of in ground canister, which then empties out the bottom and (I assume) heads back to the pump via the same lines as the main drain.
Anyway, the disk closure with dumbell shaped hold-down system are leaking, and it's sucking air into the system.
Anyone know what this is, whether I can find parts, before I go to my Ohio Redneck roots and JB Weld this thing in place?


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Sep 5, 2008
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That's an old A&A leaf vac. The basket is missing. You can try to clean the seal, or get a new one. They are available on the internet. Your local guy can probably get one too if you bring him the old lid to match up.
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Sep 12, 2011
Phoenix, AZ
Found it - thanks!
The seal is unfortunately rather hardened and compression set, so cleaning and sealing isn't an option. $55 and having it right beats a tube of JB Weld and potentially making things worse.
The rest of the assembly looks in good condition with the exception of a rather dirty lid, so I may look for the basket as well, and start using it rather than the inline.
We bought the house a bit over a year ago, and it appears the pool has been extensively remodeled at some point. They installed a Paramount in floor cleaning system, probably were told that a floor vac wouldn't be necessary because the Paramount pop ups are "so awesome", so they capped the in wall fitting, then weren't satisfied with that, so they were using a suction side vac through the skimmer, via a hole cut in the bottom of the basket, and the weir removed.
Ahhh the mysteries.
I'm trying to put it back to something a little more sane...
And get rid of the air suck.
Fun times.